Preschool Posters, Preschool Wall Displays, Free Preschool Curriculum


4. Posters and wall displays

Posters and wall displays can be printed off the internet, purchased, or hand made. Hand make with poster board and photos from magazines or old picture books, coloring books, stickers, or hand drawn images. You will need posters and wall displays of basic skills-the alphabet, numbers, colors, and numbers. As the year goes on you will print or make posters that fit the theme of the month. Your basic skill posters should be readily available all year long.


Posters and wall displays keep basic skills visual all day long and can provide many impromptu learning moments. Wall displays will foster conversation, oral language, and vocabulary as you and your child talk about the things you see on the charts.


Print and laminate or cover with contact paper. Hang up on walls at child’s eye level in an area of your home that you and your child spend most of your time. If you don’t have wall space you can store them behind a couch and bring them out during the day to look at or glue them to a large 3 or 4 fold cardboard display board from an office supply store.

ABC poster

Wall display

-alternate letters for wall display (use alternate cards for I and O – do not use alternate G, use alternate hat if you have a girl-girly hat, keep original hat for boy)

Single Letter Chart or

Numbers: small chart

wall display 1-5

wall display 6-10

Numbers with pictures and number word-

0-10 number line on cars-

Colors: wall display or

Shapes: wall display



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