Preschool Standards, Preschool Guidelines, Kindergarten Readiness Skills, Free Preschool Curriculum


1. Get familiar with your state preschool standards, guidelines and kindergarten readiness skills. Most states have early learning guidelines. Some state sites have links that you can easily find and other require you to perform an internal search on the website to find them.


Preschool is a time to introduce and become familiar with pre-academics, not a time to master them. Understanding your state standards will help you start with a goal in mind so you can focus your attention on what your child needs most. ABC’s are important, but so are many social, emotional and physical skills. Understanding standards and readiness skills will help you fill in the gaps so you don’t over drill your child or overlook many important skills. Remember, preschool is not college. It’s a time for play and development. Don’t get too stressed about all the guidelines. Use them to guide your child’s learning and play but you don’t have to follow a strict and rigid learning plan that forces your child into a structured environment before they are ready.

Kindergarten Readiness List:

Kindergarten Readiness Slideshow:

Kindergarten Readiness Checklist:

You can google your specific state and view their guidelines. Below I give you the links to a few highly ranked states to get you started.

Massachusetts: Performance Standards from New York: prekindergarten standards:

Connecticut: preschool standards:


Other links:

Highscope frameworks:

Headstart Website:


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