DIY Teaching Materials, DIY Preschool Supplies, Free Preschool Curriculum


11. DIY Teaching Materials

You will use these teaching tools frequently during the entire year. Some you may use daily. They will be referred to often in the curriculum. You don’t need to print and make these tools until they are mentioned in the curriculum but if you have the time you can get an early start on creating them. Directions on what to do with the learning tool will be in the schedule.

Items for Circle Time:

Chart for Weather Time:

Chart for Calendar Time:

Items for Story Time:

Play dough mats- “ABC” and “abc” template cards to teach letter formation (roll play dough snakes on letter shape, use pipe cleaners to build letters, or trace with fingers) (print each letter as needed)

Bumpy Letters:

Tactile Sand Letters:

Foldable Number Line-

Growing Lemons and Flower math tool-

Play dough number mats-

Number and Dot counting cards:

Number Match File Folder Game:

Make 2 copies of the ten frame sheets:

10 Frame Strips:

10 frame with dots:

Counting dots/manipulatives:

printable math manipulatives:

shapes to laminate, cut and attach magnets if you want to use on cookie sheet:

Black and white pattern blocks:


Color Matching:

Shape Matching:

Money with Ten Frames:

Clock file folder:

Flannel Board:


Dot Counting Cards:

How Many Cookies Playdough Mat:

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