Preschool Supply List, Free Preschool Curriculum


5. Gather supplies

You don’t need to go broke supplying your homeschool preschool. Many supplies you may already have or can be found cheaply at garage sales or second hand stores. Don’t forget to recycle things you many normally throw away. Many things can be reused for art supplies, storage containers, or for homemade toys. Check ebay for used items and Pintrest for upcycling ideas.

Start gathering now and collect as you go. Build your supplies little by little. Child size furniture is nice but not essential. A kitchen table, family room couch and fuzzy rug work just fine. If you have the money to purchase or if you can find second hand supplies look for a child size table and chairs, bean bag chair or comfy pillows for reading center, and a sand and water table for outdoors. Art and craft supplies are a must but you can find and make art supplies cheap and recycle items for craft supplies. You can do preschool at home on a budget. Remember, children don’t need the best and most expensive supplies and toys to learn. They need you!

Homemade Art Supplies

10 recipes:

Pinterest List for Homemade Art Supplies:

Recycled Craft Supplies:

Craft supplies from nature:

This website lists crafts for each type of recycled item. Visit this site to get ideas on what types of things from around the house  you can save:

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